Jezelf Voor Elkaar

Complete brand design; responsive websites, hand drawn icons, e-book design and a lot more


Yvonne Soons – Jezelf Voor Elkaar


Art Direction, Brand design, Webdesign & development, Photography & text

Passionate about coaching and helping people who are in a difficult relationship or divorce. Yvonne Soons, the woman behind Jezelf Voor Elkaar, reached out to us to help her out to visualise her dream. Her brand is evolving in many ways we’re here to give her advice, support and create a ton of content that match her creative ideas.

“To be able to grow my brand and follow my dreams I need someone who understands my ideas and is able to create (visually) good content. Liza focuses on that creative part; creating content that work. I have complete trust in Liza Valon and I hope we will work together for a long time.”

– Yvonne Soons
Owner Jezelf voor Elkaar

Brand photography

Creating good content

Jezelf Voor Elkaar has different messages for different audiences. That is ongoing challenge in all the content we create. Creating high quality and unique content that is usefull for her audiences is our main focus.

Quality and unique products

Brand design

Jezelf Voor Elkaar already had a logo which was ready for a redesign. We took it from there and designed a new and complete corporate identity.

Responsive Design

Web development

After the masterplan and the different branddesign elements we were ready to start developing a new website for Jezelf Voor Elkaar. In close coorporation with Yvonne we made her a website that fit her goals and ideas.

Creative content


Logo & business card

Logo and business card are designed in the bright and recognisable brand colors and fonts 

Hand drawn icons 

Icons are drawn by hand for an authentic look for the e-book: “Toolkit for a happier life” 


Cover design and editorial design


Fonts are handpicked to help bring out the personal and professional  personality of Jezelf Voor Elkaar

Responsive designs

The numbers

Blogs and vlogs

Newsletter subscribers

Cups of coffee

Other recent work

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