Yoga for companies in Barcelona

Take care of your company’s health with yoga

Stressing out because of a full inbox? Feeling pain and stiffness in your lower back and shoulders because of hours sitting at a computer desk? Are you losing your creativity and energy because your mind is so full with thoughts? There is a simple solution: yoga at the workplace.

Yoga (‘union’ from Sanskrit’) is a traditional physical, mental and spiritual discipline that originated in India and which works the body and mind from the postures (asanas) as a path of psychophysical development.

Today, yoga has been incorporated into our culture as a tool for improving and maintaining physical, mental and emotional health.

The practice can be performed in the office in a simple way, requiring an open room and little material (mats and comfortable clothes).

Classes are of 60 minutes per group and are carried out in English and during working hours.

These are some proven benefits of incorporating yoga in your life
  1. Reduce back pain.
  2. Increases employee productivity
  3. Decreases stress and anxiety in the workplace.
  4. Reduces absenteeism and staff turnover
  5. Improves employee health and wellbeing
  6. Promotes a healthy work/life balance


Last but not least: Yoga will bring the employees together and boost the morale in your workspace. Ready to bring your colleagues together and to make a happier and healthier workspace together? Starting with yoga at your workplace is the answer!


Do you have questions or are you interested in an introduction class? Send us a message.

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The requirements to attend are:

  • No expectations
  • Practice without judging yourself and your classmates
  • Have an open mind
  • Smile (even if it’s on the inside)
  • Breathe

Can’t wait to meet you on the mat



"Liza is a wonderful teacher, knowledgeable, patient and with a very soothing demeanour. Her classes are always fun, challenging and ultimately a very relaxing, revitalising experience. Since starting yoga with Liza my problems with insomnia and anxiety have reduced substantially and my flexibility has greatly improved. Namaste"

- Ross

“Liza is one of the best yoga teachers I’ve had so far. Since I attended the first vinyasa session with her I understood it was gonna be the first of many. She made me want to turn yoga into a regular practice in my life, while until then it had been something I would do occasionally. It’s very easy to connect with her, she’s empathic and inspiring. Yoga is a life-changing experience which can help you feel serene and strong even when you’re having a hard time. It’s a journey through the self which helps you become stronger, focused and feel emotionally balanced. I’m happy to have met Liza and for sure will stick to her classes for long.”

- Marco Orlando

“First yoga for me, and it was perfect, relaxing, less stress for me now, i am relieved and my body feels better, the coach is perfect ! thank you so much, today i learned a new language with my body”

- Fiko

"I joined Liza’s class for the first time last week. She is super nice and her voice is very calm and relaxing. The room is a bit small, but this create a very intimate and comfortable
environment. Her Sunday class is definitely a great way to end the week."

- Francesca

"Liza is a great yoga teacher. The way she is doing the classes taught me not only to focus on myself, be gentle and kind with myself, also she taught my to keep going and not to be attached to the outcome. I am taking classes since 5 months now and practicing is a source of joy for me. Starting with her calm and nice voice, the help and motivation during the class and the relaxing ending. Her classes were not only important for my physical development, but also for my personal growing part. Love her classes <3" 

- Tina Wagner

"I enjoyed your class a lot, thanks very much!"

- Kyoko

"Really good yoga class! Liza, the instructor, trained in Rishikesh, India and that was apparent in the way she taught the class. Her instructions were impeccable, the tempo of the class was excellent, and even though the studio is small, she is attentive enough to select asanas that the group as able to practice comfortably. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking for an English yoga class in Barcelona city :)"

- Kpeters

The Challenge

Vinyasa yoga is inherently creative. Each flow and each teacher teaching it will be different. The series of poses, the breath, the movement are all just tools that allow you the time to explore your body and mind. illuminating a path to who you are and how you are in that given moment and the time and freedom to explore and accept it

The true challenge is not can you do a handstand, but can you apply yoga to your life?
Yoga truly begins when you leave the classroom.

Every posture reflects something about our internal state. some days you may have trouble with the balancing postures and notice you are having trouble juggling all the different things in your life.

Another day you may discover you’re not as flexible as the day before, perhaps you’ve become a bit less fluid in your thinking or actions, resistant to stretching yourself a bit further.

Flexibility ● strength ● grounding ● balance ● centered ● clarity ● lightness ● wholeness ● peace

These are all directly applicable, translatable to our daily lives. Nothing is separate. The path of least effort is one of union, yoga.

Take the lessons of yoga and apply them to your life.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can - Arthur Ashe