What you put your attention on, grows

We live busy lives. Our plates are full. We are surrounded by a lot of distractions; checking your e-mail, responding to text messages and going to meetings. Our thoughts spread out in many different directions. We then begin to wonder why we’re not moving towards our dreams and goals. How can we get our focus back on them?

I’m currently reading the 7 spiritual laws of yoga by Deepak Chopra. In the book Deepak goes into the 8 limbs of Yoga. One of them is Dharana. Dharana is the sixth limb of yoga and in essence this means “one-pointed attention” by controlling your attentions and intentions. The book explains: The world consists of a flood of information and energy. What you perceive is a selective act of your attention and interpretation. What you set your attention on will grow.

Let’s imagine you’re a gardener. You’re overlooking all the plants in front of you. In your hand a hose with the water running. You turn to one side and water all the weeds. You wonder, where are these weeds coming from? They are growing so fast. They begin to overtake the pretty flowers. When you are watering the weeds it’s not surprising, they begin to grow and take over your garden. In the same way we are constantly funding all that we put our attention to.

So ok, if I stop watering my weeds (aka all the distractions), I can activate my attention on the roses (aka dreams and goals)? Sounds simple right? And it actually works exactly like that. By activating your attention, your intentions have a powerful influence on the things that manifest in your life. By being super clear about your intentions the universe will help you to reach them. But you will have to trust in the timing of your life.

This is how it worked out for me

The best example for me is when I set my full attention to everything that had something to do with experience abroad. I believe by doing that, it got me where I am now; in Bangkok. I wrote about this in a previous post about why I wanted to move across the globe.
I focused my mind on experiencing being abroad for a long period. I wanted to move to another country. Because I activated my attention. I devoted a lot of time doing research on how to do this. So I surrounded myself consciously with information and energy. But on the daily, my unconsciousness didn’t stop. it gave me hints in all kinds of settings and forms. I started seeing, hearing and talking to so many people who moved to another country with all different reasons and stories. It was truly inspirational and this gave me the believe that my intentions were heard.

Timing of your life

The most important thing in this process is that I gave it time. I had this intention for more than a year. And there were days that I didnt even thought about my intention. Because on the daily you get distracted, you have a lot to do and yes your attention will shift. But I had it in the back of my head and I had to learn to trust in this process and knowing that it will happen, in some way. This process of letting it go, into the universe or whatever you think is out there, trusting it with your dreams that’s when the magic will happen. I’m not saying this is easy. I for one, like to have control over everything I do. At times I felt like nothing was happening, life was giving me shit jobs and I really couldn’t understand what was taking so long. Life, hello? It me. Yes, I’m also impatient. A great combination, I know.

Your turn

Whatever your intentions are, whether you want to create more love in your life or you want to see your business grow. Be conscious about your intentions. Make a list of the most important things that you want to see happening in your life. Look at the list every other day. Pay attention to the signs that appear in your life. Trust in timing, then let go.

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What yoga is for me

I honestly still don’t know and I’m still in the process of finding the answers. Maybe there is not one answer, or any, but I know I want to listen better to this voice and feel more of this feeling that I feel in my gut that I’m not sure of what it is.