What I forgot

I’m experiencing the last few weeks of my cut as a battle. I’m not having fun, I’m feeling as if I’m the victim of my own goals and all of this while the scale numbers are not moving. I’m almost dreading the scale. And beating myself up mentally because I will probably not reach my goal.

Liza what is happening?

My goal is to weigh in at 63 kilos by this saturday (October 7). But I’ve been on the same weight of 64 kilos for a few weeks now (not going up or down, interesting right? Nah it’s actually just frustrating). Since a week I’ve lowered my calorie intake with 100 cals. So I’m now eating 1500 cals a day. In addition to this I lowered my carbs. These are my percentages for my macros:
35% carbs
30% fat
35% protein.

So why am I stalling? My body has found a way to function with 1500 cals, which is 600 cals below my maintenance. The biggest issue here is my metabolism.
There are a few factors that have influence on how much the metabolism slows down while cutting.

  • Leaner individuals will see their metabolism slow down much faster.
  • Low carb diets can cause the metabolism to slow down more since carbs are heavily related to thyroid hormones.
  • The length of a diet without a diet break causes for metabolism to slow down.

Well eh yeah, that’s me. Next to this I feel my body being extremely fatigue and disabling some other stuff too, such as being a nice person, having energy in general is miracle. I feel sorry for the people around me (sorry Brandon).

What are my options?

Doing a dietbreak, eating maintenance for a week. This will help to speed up my metabolism. I will have to extend my cut.
Or lowering my calories further. Research shows me I’m still quite high in my calories.
This morning, after seeing my weight on the scale, I was angry at myself. But during my morning meditation I felt something shifting. I felt privileged that I’m able to do this. I felt a weird energy through my body (yes, energy is weird to me now). I realised I was doing it all wrong. This process should be somewhat fun, interesting and exciting. It’s my own decision anyway, so why not enjoy it?

I made this list to help me to keep at it and actually be happy about what I’m doing

  • Enjoy the process
    This is a theme in my life. I am prone to reach the end goal as perfect and fast as possible. To realise, when I’ve reached the goal, that that’s not the fun part. The real feeling of joy, fun and excitement happens during the process.
  • Everything is in my own hands
    If I want to quit I can quit.
  • I’m doing this for me
    I wanted this, so stop acting like a victim. Yea I do like to complain about it, because fat loss is damn hard. That’s part of the fun actually.
  • Look in the mirror not the scale
    I was so focused on the numbers on the scale. That I forgot to check my body in the mirror. This morning a sixpack was visual. I never had a sixpack in my life. How’s that for a goal?
  • My goal is not set in stone
    Maybe my enddate or weight goal are not feasible. Maybe I need more time. Maybe I need a dietbreak. Again it’s a process and I’m learning a ton!
  • Celebrate success/be proud of yourself
    YES let’s buy mango ice cream!
    Does that fit your calories?
    Hm, never mind.

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