Welcome to my portfolio full of creative projects

& design challenges 

Music app design

UX/UI fin-tech app for kids

While cash is quickly disappearing from American society, a relevant part of it is still used by children aged 6 to 14 as they can’t own a current account and thus don’t have access to debit cards. The challenge: to design an app for kids to be able to spend their allowances without using actual cash!

UX/UI design signup flow MyFitnessPal

My goals for the redesign:

  • To design an experience with a more engaging and flexible flow
  • To design a sign up flow clean, simple and intuitive
  • To design through user empathy (HCD)

Allround Design Branding

Passionate about coaching and helping people who are in a difficult relationship or divorce. Yvonne Soons, the woman behind Jezelf Voor Elkaar, reached out to us to help her out to visualise her dream.

UX&UI Design Rebranding

PEP Den Haag is the connecting link when it comes to care and well being. They support all organisations that actively contribute to this. They do research, connect, advise and train. They needed a complete rebranding to visualise what they stand for.

Multi platform digital and offline design

A brand with multiple sub-brands. That is Den Haag Doet. A growing platform where volunteers from The Hague can find all information about volunteering. With a log in environment where they can create a profile to apply for jobs or register for courses.

UX & UI design KLM Project

KLM asked designers around the world to create UX and UI designs for the Travel Inspiration Finder. 

Brand photography

A big part of creating good content is photography. For all my clients we create unique photography that helps them to communicate their message for all platforms.

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