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Design for complete rebranding: UX & UI web design, research, wireframes and UI design 


PEP Den Haag


UX&UI design, brand design, webdesign & development, photography and (SEO/Copy) writing

PEP Den Haag

PEP is the connecting link when it comes to care and well being. They support all organisations that actively contribute to this. They do research, connect, advise and train. They already had their logo, webdesign and corporate design but it wasn’t up to date anymore. The developments that the brand has gone through no longer matched the current visuals. They needed a complete rebranding to visualise what they stand for. 

Liza has taken on the complicated challenge to give our growing organisation a completely new face that fits our mission and vision. She did this with confidence and in good communication with us and all other parties involved in this process.

– PEP Den Haag

Information and research

To be able to create good visual content you have to listen to the brand itself (inside out) ‘What do you want to tell and what are your goals? But also to the people you want to reach (outside in). What do they expect? What do they need from you? With this research we did we were able to create content that works on both sides

Research for better content

A growing brand 

A completely new design but still recognisable. Rebranding is really important when a brand is growing and developing into a new phase. For PEP Den Haag it was a complete redesign; a new logo, website, corporate designs and a new tone of voice. A fresh start which every growing brand need at times.

Complete redesign

Creating clear content

Good communication is so important for an evolving organisation. Streamlining all the new ideas, knowledge and visons into a clear message on multiple platforms, was a great and interesting challenge.  In close collaboration with different parties we managed to create visual designs with great user experience.

Great user experience

Research & wireframing

I wanted to understand what our audience wants and how they view the brand PEP Den Haag. That meant doing tens of face to face and online interviews. Asking them: what is your view of PEP Den Haag, what do you need from the website and how do you want to be helped? We analysed the results and started to design the solutions into wireframes. 
These wireframes define 6 of the most important pages of the website, the other pages will be a copy of one of these. We defined the elements that need to be present from page to page. It includes all the interface components that are needed for all possible interactions. 


Logo & Color theory

Logo’s were designed for multiple purposes that fit the brand archetype


Icons designed to fit the branding


Fonts were handpicked to help bring out the wise and resourceful personality

of PEP Den Haag.

Responsive designs

Other recent work

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