My move to Bangkok; What I couldn’t prepare for pt 3

Now after some time of being away, living in Bangkok, there are a few fundamental, things I learned. In part 1 I shared why becoming part of a culture is a choice to me and in part 2 I shared what I learned about living in a community. In this part 3 I will share my routines, or not?

At first I thought the experience of living on the other side of the world would be at best if I would do everything different than I was used to back home. To live the ultimate experience and be out of my comfort zone like 100%, every second of every day, completely different, E-VE-RY-THING.

The first days in Bangkok I was avoiding everything I’d known from back home. I was avoiding the things I’d love doing. For example having a cup of coffee at one of my favorite coffee places or discovering new cool coffee places. So when I found myself looking on google maps for the best coffee places in Bangkok, I felt a bit guilty. “I was supposed to give it all up, and now I’m here being insanely happy with the amount of good coffee places in this city.”

So where did these rules I came up for for myself come from? Wasn’t going and being on the other side of the world enough already for ‘the ultimate experience’.

I soon realised a part of the reason why I was setting these rules was because I was afraid that doing the same kind of things would be a let down because I would always compare it with what I’d known. To realise it isn’t the same and to start miss home and then this whole experience would be shit.

Once I recognised this pattern, I was able to accept that what I like to do in life is the same here in Bangkok as it is in the Netherlands. And it would most likely be the same anywhere I am in the world. Because, yes guess what, I’m still me. Changing every second, evolving and developing in every way I can and want to. But some things just don’t change. And that’s okay!

Oats!? Hellyea

So yes I started having breakfast with oatmeal. Because oatmeal is life. Everyday I went to a favorite or new coffee place. Because I love good coffee and well the coffee in Bangkok is just amazing. During each visit I also make so many pictures of all the latte art and nice interior designs. Because I just like to take picture of pretty things. I visited several crossfit gyms and found one I really liked, besides weightlifting I even did a few wods. Because crossfit has my heart. I explored the yoga scene which was a though one, because it was all in Thai and the classes had a really different style, it taught me a lot though.

And by doing this I created this nice routine with all the stuff I love doing in a completely new part of the world. And you know what the best thing was once I gave in? Nothing was comparable with anything I had done before. Comparing and the fear to miss home, wasn’t even a problem. And when I did miss home, it for sure wasn’t because of the crossfit gym or the coffee places. It was for the people who I was there with.


Be the tourist, always

So ok, you have your nice safe routine and all. The problem with this is that you might start living on autopilot mode. But what a waste of time that is when you live in a new place. So I made it a priority to do the things that are on my to do list while I am in Bangkok. My advice: make time to be a tourist in your hometown. Be amazed, see new things, wander off. The most fun part was that when friends and family visited me here in Bangkok that I got to do those things with them. And they also had so many great things to visit that were new for me.

So to not waste anymore time on being in a somewhat identical crisis, feeling guilty and restless each time I move to another city. This is an important lesson that I will remember while working towards my dream. Yes you’ll fear and yes you’ll feel homesick every now and then. We all have these emotions. Take a deep breath, sit in silence for a while and that little voice or warm feeling from within will softly guide you back to your roots. you’re inner barista, crossfitter, yoga lover or forever tourist.


My first experience applying for a yoga studio

As I entered the studio in my normal day to day wear, i was welcomed by one of the yoga teachers. I recognized him from the videoclips on the website. In my best spanish I said that I was a little early and he replied that everybody will be coming soon.

What yoga is for me

I honestly still don’t know and I’m still in the process of finding the answers. Maybe there is not one answer, or any, but I know I want to listen better to this voice and feel more of this feeling that I feel in my gut that I’m not sure of what it is.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can - Arthur Ashe