Design better UX and UI for MusicList app

Redesign for a music app MusicList

The Challenge

MusicList is a startup company in Barcelona. They have a website and an app where the user can find lists based top hits around the world or on what music they like for a specific moment of their day. Both are created with a very basic design. After an interview with one of the founders of the company, I did a couple of redesigns for the app.  

Here you will find my design solutions of my findings.

Prototype UI Design

Home screen

Song screen

Music List screen

Interaction video’s 

Scroll movements home screen

Swipe to videoclip song screen

Connecting between screens

Design Principles

A significant part of my design thinking process are my design principles.

What are my design principles?

  • Functionality; does the product serve its purpose (and solve the user problem)
  • Empathy; Put yourself in the shoes of the people you’re designing for. What are their expectations and needs?
  • Intuitive; Does my design work instinctive? It should be easy to use and understand “Don’t Make Me Think!”
  • Reliable: = TRUST
  • Beauty: simple, clean, effortless

Other recent work

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