Financial app for children

The concept

While cash is quickly disappearing from American society, a relevant part of it is still used by children aged 6 to 14 as they can’t own a current account and thus don’t have access to debit cards. Children are generally given money by parents on demand or on a weekly basis, but that means that busy parents need to stop by a cash machine, withdraw cash and get change to give these small allowances to their children.

This is an opportunity to access new potential customers while further removing cash from society.

A large part of the children in this age category has access to a mobile phone.

The challenge is to build a prototype that introduces a payments app for under-aged users that would allow them to make purchases without using cash. 

Design process


Understanding the problem through getting as much information and understanding about the target group. 

I like to sketch and write by hand to get my thoughts on paper.


Start Analysing all the information and data and put them in order to better concrete the problems. I came up with the main question to design a solution for: How can kid(s) receive their allowance money from their parents without using actual cash through the use of an app?


Generating all ideas for possible design solutions: The bank provides payment cards to parents. With the option to link a virtual card to it. This virtual card only exists in the ‘Fintech app’ and is essentially the debit card for the kid. But it’s still on the parent’s name and they control the money available for the kid.

Both parents and kid install the app on their phone and install the cards. The parents can send their child the allowances, automated or on demand. The debit card can’t be in negative. This virtual debit card is linked via Apple Pay or Google Pay depending on the smartphone type. To be able to make wireless payments in stores.

Sketches and flowchart

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Design Principles

A significant part of my design thinking process are my design principles.

What are my design principles?

  • Functionality; does the product serve its purpose (and solve the user problem)
  • Empathy; Put yourself in the shoes of the people you’re designing for. What are their expectations and needs?
  • Intuitive; Does my design work instinctive? It should be easy to use and understand “Don’t Make Me Think!”
  • Reliable: = TRUST
  • Beauty: simple, clean, effortless

Prototype visuals

Prototype video

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