Adjusting my intentions to the new Bangkok life

In my previous blog I talked about activating your attention and setting intentions. Before I moved to Bangkok I took time to visualise my dreams and goals and wrote them down. But then my mind turned into an endless to-do list for all the things I had to organize for the big move to Bangkok and I lost sight a bit.

For me the process of moving to Bangkok had me focused on so many different things at the same time. Especially the last weeks were dominated by a to do list that never seemed to end. I didn’t make enough time to meditate. While meditation for me is the best way to stay focused and calm. Staying with my daily meditation routine would’ve really helped me during the process of moving to the other side of the world. Strange how sometimes the things that are best for you slack because we’re distracted for whatever reason.

I know, moving to the other side of the world is a good reason to be distracted, and doing this is a big part of my dream and goals. Now that I’m in Bangkok a bit longer than a week. Everything is settling in a bit. I want to create a nice routine for myself. Reading about Dharana (Dharana is Sanskrit and is translated as “collection or concentration of the mind joined with the retention of breath) triggered something in me which made me realise it’s time to reconnect with my dreams and goals. And adjust them to the current new situation; living in Bangkok.

Methods I used to write down my intentions

There are a lot of ways that will help you to create and write down your dreams and desires for your life. I will list three methods I used, that really helped me. Especially the combination of the three.

1. Visualization

Visualization is a great and powerful technique to come to a better performance. In sports psychology this strategy is used very often. But this beautiful strategy is often overseen in daily life. It is a great skill for manifesting desires. The reason why most people have difficulty manifesting the objects of their desire is that they are looking at the obstacles in front of them rather than having a clear, focused picture of the outcome. The logical mind and the ego want to interfere with the process of manifesting.

Visualize daily your desired outcome. Keeping a vision board is a concrete way of having pictures in front of you, at all times, to remind you that perceived obstacles are mere distractions.
I love this one, because I’m a visual person and when writing down words, or talking I already see what it could look like. But because it’s just a conversation, the image tend to fade away in time. Or because the words I write down are focused on the obstacles the visualisation loses its power. Making a moodboard, collecting images, writing a story about the life you want in great detail really helps to look beyond the obstacles.

2. Meditation

10 minutes a day every day, will always beat an intense hour long session once a week. It helps to make a commitment to practice your visualization the same time every day. First thing in the morning as close to waking as possible is ideal. This is because the mind is still slightly lucid at this time, which makes it easier to conjure up images.

3. Online coaching

There are tons of online coaches available and some of them have great free content to help you figure out and write down your dreams (in detail) with easy methods. For me, subscribing to the newsletter from Marie Forleo helped me, because I’m a thinker it’s important for me to stop thinking and start doing. So the practical method from Marie Forleo helped me out here. If you subscribe to her newsletter you will get a first email with great content that will get you going.


The stories we tell ourselves in our head whether we do this consciously or not. It will have impact on the outcome of what actually happens. By finding your method you will be able to create the story you want to live. “What happens out there is a result of what happens in here”. In simple terms, this means your performance is often the result of what’s happening inside your head. Decide what movie or soundtrack you want to be part of.